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Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers - Chicago formerly Sportho

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6921 W Archer Ave

Chicago, IL 60638




Sports Medicine Specialist Details

Hours of Operation:

Monday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tuesday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wednesday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Services Offered:

Payment Plans: Aetna
Payment Plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Payment Plans: Humana
Payment Plans: Medicaid NOT Accepted
Payment Plans: Medicare
Aquatic Therapy
Manual Therapy
Orthopedic Care
Physical Therapists
Sports Medicine
Women's Health
Workers Comp/Rehabilitation


Welcome to Sportho Physical and Aquatic Therapy
Now doing business as: Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers - Chicago
Celebrating Our 32nd Anniversary

Fyzical - Chicago is a therapist owned facility specializing in one-on-one, aggressive, Physical Therapy treatment of orthopedic injuries.

We are one of the few clinics on the Southside of Chicago with the capability of offering Aquatic Physical Therapy. Treatment is maximized through exercise in the water for such difficulties as A.C.L reconstruction (or other knee surgeries), herniated disc from cervical to lumbar, ankle sprains and injuries to the shoulder to name just a few.

Fyzical - Chicago is one of four facilities in Chicago (and the only one on the southside) to offer treatment of soft tissue injures through use of the A.S.T.Y.M system. More information can be found on this remarkable treatment
Aquatic Physical Therapy


Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Pain Reduction
Lessen Joint Stiffness
Post Operative
Muscle Strengthening
Functional Activities
Manual Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy-
An effective and more enjoyable environment for rehabilitation. The water is a great place to work on getting back to normal after knee or shoulder injury, back or neck problems, or just about any injury to a joint or muscle.

The moving or standing water provides the necessary resistance while buoyancy and relative weightlessness add to safety. By using aquatic therapy patients regain a higher level of strength and flexibility more quickly, which leads to better outcomes at lower overall costs. There are no swimming skills needed in order to use the aquatics physical therapy program.

Work Conditioning-
It is difficult returning to work after recovery from an injury. This program can help you get ready. The work conditioning program lasts for approximately four to eight weeks. It helps the employee regain pre-injury competence, increase endurance and help reduce the chance of a repetitive injury. You will be led through a program designed for you to return to your previous level and you can feel confident returning to work.

Helps break down scar tissue. After surgery, an injury or just plain overuse, your body responds by making scar tissue. This is gret, because scar tissue is strong, it may not be in the right position though. A.S.T.Y.M has been extremely effective in the treatment of tendonitis.

A.S.T.Y.M incorporates flexibility, strengthening, and muscle re-education. This process allows the physical therapist to work effectively on a patient in a minimal number of sessions. However, in order for A.S.T.Y.M to work, you must take an active role in your recovery by maintaining flexibility at home. We will instruct you on what steps to take through the whole process.

Sports Rehabilitation-
Sports Rehabilitation targets exercises for the trunk, core, upper and lower extremities and the back. We will personally guide you back to your sport.

Industrial Functional Testing-
Utilizing D.S.I Work Solutions Job Function Matching, we accomplish the following:

Ergonomic and Functional Job Assessment allow job design and worker technique changes which can reduce and eliminate unnecessary stressors.
Early Intervention: When a worker reports discomfort and indicates a potential injury the Injury Prevention Program assists the worker in avoiding further injury and hastens return to full health without entering the Worker Compensation System.
When a worker has an injury, medical and therapy interventions start. Lost time from work is reduced through job matching. Injured workers continue to work at tasks that Job Function Testing indicates they are capable of with out risk of further injury.

Back Injury Prevention Programs-
The Back Injury Prevention programs help patients lift weights in the correct way. A physical therapist works with a patient to eliminate bad habits and instill good ones. The program offers body mechanics training, body evaluation, repetitive lifting and bending flexibility exercise.

Physical Conditioning-
This program helps a patient in getting and staying in shape. This targeted program helps the inactive or underactive prepare for increased physical exertion. This program also includes the patient by teaching the proper way to condition muscles during home exercise. During this program Sportho will employ Stairmaster, treadmills, C.Y.B.E.X modular and isokinetic systems and an outdoor conditioning court.

Yoga is a practice that combines movement, breathing, and mindfulness to deepen and enhance the experience of one's life. By working with our Certified Yoga instructor, Jeff Martini, you can realize all of the benefits of a yoga practice, including flexibility, strength, balance, focus and happiness. He incoporates yoga asanas (poses) and concepts into individual sessions with clients, and also holds a group class.

We accept the following insurance: * Aetna (E.P.O*, H.M.O.*, P.P.O, P.O.S)
* Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross P.P.O
Blue Cross P.O.S
Blue Choice*
Blue Advantage
Workers Choice
Blue Cross E.P.O
Most H.M.O Policies*
* C.C.N (P.P.O, E.P.O, P.O.S, H.M.O*)
* Cigna Healthcare Plans
Indemnity P.O.S
H.M.O* Network*
Choice Fund
H.M.O Open Access
Network Open Access
P.O.S Open Access
Open Access Plus
* First Health (P.P.O & Workers Comp)
* Galaxy Health Network (All Products)
* Great West (P.P.O, HMO, P.O.S, O.A)
* Healthcare's Finest Network - H.F.N
Concert Health Plan (P.P.O & E.P.O)
Workers' Compensation
Auto/Disability Program

* Referral Needed

* Humana
Humana Preferred
Humana Preferred P.O.S
Humana Open Access
Humana Gold - Medicare*
* Medicare Part B & Railroad
* P.P.O Next
Preferred Health Net - P.H.N
* Preferred Plan Inc
P.P.O, E.P.O, P.O.S, H.M.O
Workers' Compensation
* Private Healthcare System
P.H.C.S - P.P.O
* Unicare
P.P.O H.M.O*
Platinum P.P.O - Classic
Platinum P.P.O - ClasicPlus
H.M.O - Performance*
* All Workers' Compensation
Including: Chicago Fire Dept;
Chicago Police Department;
All City Employees covered by Committee on Finance;
Government Employees - U.S.P.S/D.O.L
* Call for Information Regarding
United Healthcare P.P.O
Personal Injury Claims
Moving Vehicle Accidents

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